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The secret to Weetsi’s success is understanding the connection between people and businesses. It’s an opportunity to create amazing experiences for the customers.

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We love our tech, but we’re human, too. We value our family and friends, and the connections we forge with one another and our clients through our work.
Miguel Sánchez

Miguel Sánchez

Bussines Director

Mobile Financial Services Consultant in mobile payments and digital security. Amateur pianist and photographer.

Alejandro Sánchez

Alejandro Sánchez

Lead Developer

Whether it's for Android, iOS, Web or for a fridge: I've been lucky enough to work alongside some talented teams on a number of high profile projects.

Luis Angel Cortés

Luis Angel Cortés

Back-end Developer & Integrator

Lider de proyecto, encargado del diseño e implementación de la arquitectura de la aplicación, desarrollador y scrum manager

Elesban Landero

Elesban Landero

Front-end Developer & Sys Admin

Apasionado a la música, a la literatura y a la fotografía. Colaborador @mozillamx. A veces escribo poesía.

Ramiro Sánchez

Ramiro Sánchez

Android develope

Definición y construcción de soluciones integrales en proyectos de desarrollo de software.

Jorge Luis García

Jorge Luis García

Marketing Dígital

Se escuchar, soy hábil para trabajar en equipo, con facilidad de palabra para comunicar mis ideas.

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We’re looking for brilliant mobilization and application professionals who thrive in a challenging, rewarding startup environment.

Our talent is the best of the best. We hire those who relish mastering new skills over being reliant on past experience. We encourage our people to challenge themselves but to be disciplined about meeting key deadlines.

We know that we work most effectively when we’re inspired, but in control.

If you are an iOS/Android developer interested in joining our team, please email your CV to jobs@weetsi.com

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